Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sweet



10 - Windsor Park, Mairangi Bay
11 - Onerahi Hotel, Whangarei
12 - Gluepot, Auckland
13 - Metropole, Hamilton
14 - MonDesir, Takapuna
15 - Galaxy, Auckland


  1. Hi. The Sweet appeared in NZ before this time, absolutely in their heyday. I was so lucky to see them in the Christchurch Town Hall 0n 15 August, 1975, when I was 13. What a buzz! Most vivid memory - one of the guitarists fell off the stage as they were coming on...huge 30 min delay while his leg was put in plaster - hilarious, on reflection!

    1. I also saw them in 1975 - in Wellington. There was a problem with the sound at the beginning of the show and Brian Connolly packed a sad and had a big tantrum. Half an hour later the rest of the band managed to talk him into continuing the concert. happy teenybopper days :-)