Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Angels



8 - Metropole, Hamilton
9 & 10 - The Galaxy, Auckland
11 - Regent Theatre, Palmerston North
12 - Town Hall, Wellington
14 - Town Hall, Dunedin
15 - Town Hall, Christchurch

w/ Knightshade


  1. Gig at the Dunedin Town Hall on Thursday July 14th '87 was another awesome performance from an iconic Australian pub rock band! Lead vocalist Doc Neeson had a broken leg and used both wooden crutches and a chair while on stage performing - the audience really appreciated the fact The Angels didn't cancel the gig and Doc Neeson seemed to soldier on almost completely oblivious to his broken leg - it was priceless stuff believe me. Both audience and band really connected at this gig and I even wonder if The Angels were quite surprised by how much Kiwis and in particular the Southern part of the South Island of New Zealand really loved and appreciated their music.